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John F. Kennedy and son John F. Kennedy Jr. arrive at Arlington National Cemetery, November 11, 1963.

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Extremely high quality photo of Ethel Kennedy and her daughter, Rory.

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President Kennedy attends Veterans Day Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, November 11, 1963.

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No apologies.

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Just look at that amazing hair! 

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1968, Lovely Joan Kennedy roots for her brother in law, Robert F. Kennedy, in Indiana. She campaigned actively for him. 

shes just so beautiful its crazy

the most beautiful kennedy

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President John F. Kennedy with son John F. Kennedy Jr. at the White House, October 10, 1963.

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President John F. Kennedy departs Church in England, June 30, 1963.

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Caroline Kennedy feeds her pony Macaroni at Hammersmith Farm, in Newport, Rhode Island, September 14, 1963.

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